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Welcome to the
Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas

Birds can tell us a lot about the environment in which we live. Because they are sensitive to environmental stressors and occupy virtually all terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats, knowing where birds are and what habitats they use can help us assess ecosystem health. Close to 300 species of birds breed each year in Manitoba. These include species from the prairie grassland ecosystems, the boreal forest and the coastal tundra of Hudson Bay. We need data on all of these species to understand changes in the centre of the North American continent.

The Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas is an ambitious five-year project to engage citizens in documenting the distribution and abundance of all breeding birds throughout the entire province of Manitoba. This important initiative is a collaboration of many partners who share a passion for environmental monitoring. The Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas is run largely by volunteers and we are always looking for people who would like to be involved as citizen scientists or in other capacities.

Join the effort! Anyone with a pair of binoculars and bird watching experience, or even a desire to learn about birds, can participate. You don't need to be an expert--we just ask that you are confident in the identification of the birds you report. We are also looking for people with other skills such as editing, graphic design, fundraising and promotional experience. Participants can register here or email or phone us at 1-800-214-6497 for more information.

Latest news from the atlas

12 November 2014: RAFFLE PRIZE WINNERS, Nov 7 celebration, Raffle License LGA-6092-RF


1 - Warbler Package: W. Watkins 4520388

2 - Boreal Owl Package: R. Sigardson 506162

3 - BBQ Package: V. Goossen 4520071

4 - Girls' Package: B. Mike 4520398

5 - Sculpture Package: J. Oberbuchner 506877

6 - Dreamcatcher Package: W. Watkins 4520341

7 - Thermos Package: D. Martin 506653

8 - Birders' Package: K. Monson 506756

9 - Boys' Package: L. Blanchette 506996

10 - Snowy Owl Package: E. Blain 506513

11 - Liz Clairborne Package: R. Sigurdson 506154

12 - Hummingbird Package: S. Robertson 507385

13 - Reciprocating Saw Package: H. Boyko 506948

14 - Floral Package: L. Robertson 507105

15 - Buggati Package: C. Louer 507165

16 - Saw-whet Owl Package: A. Louer 507157

17 - Nepal Package: S. Mason 4520297

18 - DVD Package: R. Clarke 506084

19 - Oak Hammock Package: K. Shulz 506329

20 - Stained Glass Package: L. Huisman 506064


A - Blackburnian Warbler: E. Huisman 83586

B - Diamond Set: G. Walz 6148154

C - Shorebird Carvings: R. Clarke 6148394

D - Quesnel Lake Package: J. Robertson 83231

E - Explore MB Package: R. Dueck 6148018

F - Eastern Kingbird Package: G. Grieef 6148102

G - Calm Air Package: I. Cook 83430

H - Canada Goose Vest: Y. Park 83153

I - Northern Hawk Owl Package: J. Oberbuchner 83277

J - Eagle-Eye Tour Package: J. Sigurdson 6148349

Congratulations to all prize winners and thank you to ALL for making this such a memorable evening!

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What is an Atlas

Mapping birds is quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. It is fun to participate of course, but the results are an invaluable foundation of information for conserving birds and their ecosystems. Not long ago, atlases were books of maps but more recently atlases have on-line versions that are interactive. The Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas will be on-line and we hope to have a book too. To find out more, click here.

Our photographers

Thank you to the people who have generously provided photos to make this web site better. Photos for the front page that do not show credit (e.g., banner and mosaique) were provided by Christian Artuso and Garry Budyk. If you are interested in providing photos to use on this site (or if we forgot to include your name), we would love to hear from you!

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Want to practice your Atlas codes. Try our new QUIZ, a great learning tool!


The Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas and the Manitoba Nocturnal Owl Survey have teamed up to make your data do double duty! From now on, all nocturnal owl survey data will be automatically entered into the atlas. Simply conduct your NOS route in the usual fashion and submit your data and we will take care of it! The 2011 Nocturnal Owl Survey forms are posted here. HOWEVER, if you are feeling generous, you can do a few things to help us with efficient data transfer. Please click HERE to read our step-by-step instructions. This is a great way to get your atlassing season off to a flying start. Contact Christian Artuso (telephone: 204-945-6816 or use our toll-free number: 1-800-214-6497 if you like) to learn more.


A Great Learning Tool

The online tool Dendroica allows you to browse photos, listen to bird songs, and improve your abilities by quizzing yourself.


List of participants who contributed the most to data collection. For a complete list, click here.


Golden-winged Warbler are listed as threatened in Canada. Find out more about the Manitoba Golden-winged Warbler Survey.

We encourage you to report details of your observations of breeding Species At Risk. Follow this link for a fact sheet about all COSEWIC bird species that breed in Manitoba.

Your observations of Chimney Swift (a threatened species) can have double value in this period, assisting both the Atlas and The Manitoba Chimney Swift Initiative (MCSI). Read more....


…an important initiative that will provide much needed data on bird distribution and abundance in the central North American continent, in particular the central boreal forest and the north-eastern part of the central prairie region. — Dr. Stuart Butchart of Birdlife International

The great thing about a bird atlas project, especially the way Manitoba is doing it, is that it gives everyone a chance to get involved and help monitor the health of natural areas. Even beginning birders can help by identifying the species they know well enough. If you care about the birds, I encourage you to do your part. The more of us we have out on the land counting birds, the more of us there will be to defend the wild places they need to survive. — Trevor Herriot, author of Grass, Sky, Song: Promise and Peril in the World of Grassland Birds.


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