Appendix 1b. Total number of records of Species At Risk and provincially rare breeding species (2010-2014).

Species#Records#Squares#Rare Forms#Rare RecordsCOSEWICS-RANK; MB ESEA
Greater White-fronted Goose 7688SUM
Ross's Goose 5411S3S4B
Cackling Goose 761515S2B
Trumpeter Swan 11591100112S1B; END
King Eider 2211S1S2B
White-winged Scoter 103837190S4B
Black Scoter 128109103124S4B
Yellow-billed Loon 1111SNA
Horned Grebe 283226131149SPECS4B
Western Grebe 161844553SPECS4B
Clark's Grebe 9355S1B
Least Bittern 41313344THRS2B; END
Snowy Egret 10566S1B
Little Blue Heron 1100SNA
Cattle Egret 26141010S2B
Green Heron 961415S1B
Glossy Ibis 1100SNA
White-faced Ibis 42151517S1B
Mississippi Kite 5144SNA
Ferruginous Hawk 68382023THRS1B; END
Golden Eagle 16151723S1B
Peregrine Falcon 41183688SPECS1B
Yellow Rail 187140115190SPECS3B; SPEC
Piping Plover 1351012ENDS1B; END
Black-necked Stilt 1111SNA
Semipalmated Sandpiper 30244144S3B
Red-necked Phalarope1571281215SPECS4B
Little Gull 171145S1S2B
Mew Gull 151499S2B
California Gull 7688S3B
Long-tailed Jaeger 18151619S1B
Yellow-billed Cuckoo 1123SNA
Snowy Owl 3322S4N
Burrowing Owl 1571215ENDS1B; END
Short-eared Owl 1258692108SPECS2S3B; THR
Common Nighthawk 572433435591THRS3B; THR
Eastern Whip-poor-will 302221210278THRS3B; THR
Chimney Swift 1053683269THRS2B; END
Red-headed Woodpecker 585315353438THRS3B; THR
Red-bellied Woodpecker 2244SNA
Olive-sided Flycatcher 634488539752THRS3B; SPEC
Western Wood-Pewee 16141212S3B
Eastern Wood-Pewee8944941214SPECS4B
Loggerhead Shrike 70364558THRS1B; END
Bank Swallow 901526176195THRS5B
Barn Swallow505714452226THRS4B
Rock Wren 4122SNA
Carolina Wren 3223SNA
Wood Thrush 981115THRSNA
Northern Mockingbird 991114S2
Sprague's Pipit 232112181340THRS2B; THR
Golden-winged Warbler 213105181314THRS3B; THR
Black-throated Blue Warbler 1133SNA
Pine Warbler 33253739S3B
Canada Warbler 313219236395THRS3B; THR
Yellow-breasted Chat 3123SNA
Spotted Towhee 4433SUB
Field Sparrow 8455SNA
Lark Bunting 3322THRS1B
Grasshopper Sparrow 16995145195S3B
Baird's Sparrow 32182227SPECS1B; END
Harris's Sparrow24820033SPECS4B
Smith's Longspur 81716288S3B
Chestnut-collared Longspur 903663107THRS2B; END
Western Tanager 3323SNA
Northern Cardinal 1591617S1B
Black-headed Grosbeak 2111SNA
Lazuli Bunting 5122SNA
Dickcissel 80584568SNA
Eastern Meadowlark 4357THRSNA
Rusty Blackbird 540388461908SPECS4B; SPEC
Red Crossbill 1039280103S4B
Evening Grosbeak33023433SPECS3

COSEWICCommittee on the Status of Endangered wildlife in Canada. See:
S-Rank Provincial status-rank (S-rank) system, from rarest (S1) to most stable (S5). See:
MB ESEA Manitoba Endangered Species and Ecosystems Act. See:
SPECSpecial Concern
Indicates a rare breeding species or COSEWIC-listed species for which detailed documentation was recommended. (some being reasonably common in a limited area of the province or as migrants but not as breeders)
Rare breeding species for which documentation was only required for confirmed records.
Colonial species for which a Rare/Colonial Species Form was used for confirmed breeding records

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