Appendix 1c. Total number of colonial records per species reported during the atlas period (2010-2014).

Species#Records#Squares#Rare Forms#Rare RecordsCOSEWICS-RANK; MB ESEA
Snow Goose 623389S5B
Common Eider 794357S3B
Red-necked Grebe 80443593112S5B
Eared Grebe 2881824145S4B
Western Grebe 161844553SPECS4B
American White Pelican 26017085123S4B
Double-crested Cormorant 28620191138S5B
Great Blue Heron 8635824150S5B
Black-crowned Night-Heron 160102910S4B
Franklin's Gull 1881231114S4B
Ring-billed Gull 713499119199S5B
Herring Gull 825582141252S4B
Caspian Tern 70593035S3B
Black Tern 1353588113139S4B
Common Tern 528392146191S5B
Arctic Tern 2581772526S4B
Forster's Tern 2571552424S4B
Purple Martin 778411163197S4B
Bank Swallow 901526176195THRS5B
Cliff Swallow 1283632322375S4B

COSEWICCommittee on the Status of Endangered wildlife in Canada. See:
S-Rank Provincial status-rank (S-rank) system, from rarest (S1) to most stable (S5). See:
MB ESEA Manitoba Endangered Species and Ecosystems Act. See:
SPECSpecial Concern
Indicates a rare breeding species or COSEWIC-listed species for which detailed documentation was recommended. (some being reasonably common in a limited area of the province or as migrants but not as breeders)
Rare breeding species for which documentation was only required for confirmed records.
Colonial species for which a Rare/Colonial Species Form was used for confirmed breeding records

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