The Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas partnership was formed to collect the most comprehensive, current source of information on the province's breeding birds, through citizen science, and to make the results freely available to all. The ultimate goal is to lay a new foundation for addressing conservation priorities issues and research questions, enabling biologists and land managers to make wiser decisions on issues such as Species At Risk, environmental assessment, climate change, and habitat management from site to landscape scales.

The specific objectives established at the start of the project were to provide:

  • 10 x 10-km square distribution maps for all breeding bird species in Manitoba (2010-2014);
  • Abundance maps for as many breeding bird species in Manitoba as data will allow;
  • Written accounts of project findings for all breeding bird species in Manitoba;
  • Detailed information on all rare and at risk breeding bird species;
  • A comprehensive baseline for comparison with future atlases and other compatible work; and
  • A major new online database with tools and resources for conservation and research.
Canada Warbler Species Account
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