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The collection of data by atlassers is the keystone to the success of this project. To give credit where credit is due, and perhaps to encourage a little friendly competition, this page will allow you to investigate a few of the statistics concerning your activity, and to see how they fit in with those of other atlassers. The following table shows the number of observations submitted, the number of hours devoted to collecting data, the number of species found, the number of survey squares covered, and the number of point counts completed. You can change the display order by clicking on the column title. Please note that this table is updated once a day.

The Atlas Team would like to say a huge thank you to everyone whose name appears in the table, irrespective of the amount of data collected. If you would rather that your name didn’t appear, please make sure that you reply “No” to the question “Should your name appear on the data summary page when your records are displayed?” This question is on your personal profile, and can be changed by selecting the Data entry page, then Review your profile and Modify your profile. If you have any problems, please contact the Atlas Office.

Participant Number of records Number of hours Number of species Number of squares Number of point counts
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