The following individuals, organisations, companies and institutions provided substantial in-kind support to the project, including logistical and hosting support for fieldwork, skilled volunteer or donated time to perform specific tasks, donations of products, equipment and other materials, and the provision of work space and facilities.

Private Donors

Christian ArtusoKeith and Laurel GarvieJames A. Richardson
Kathy AskholmElizabeth C. GauthierPenny Roy
Paul BannickEugene F. GerbasiCatherine Salki
Linda BoysWally and Ruth JansenBeverley Sawchuk
Cindy CannonLars C. JanssonNella Schmidt
Bonnie ChartierReinhard and Liesel JanssonJohn and Katharine Schulz
Valerie ClancyKaren G. KiddeyJanet Southern
Sandra CoteWayne KinsellaScott Stevens
Donna DanylukDerrick Ko HeinrichsJane Stewart
Ken D. De SmetRudolf and Natalie KoesJo Swartz and Richard Silverman
Heidi den HaanConstance MenziesPeter and Sharon Taylor
Ben I. DiamondLynnette MiltonRuby Tekauz
Peter K. DouglasLorelie Mitchell and Piet van DijkenBruce Townsend
Jack Dubois and Kim MonsonRandall Mooi and Odette MorinPaul Turenne
Jim and Patsy DuncanLynda OakesLiis Veelma
Christopher EvansRobert J. ParsonsSherrie Versluis
Robert W. FentonLinda PearnRon Wiebe
Gary G. FranzmannDavid J. RaittJonathan Wiens
Ken A. GardnerTami L. ReynoldsRobert Worona
* The many donors of the Baillie Birdathon (where the Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas was designated) and several anonymous donors

We also wish to thank those organisations and individual researchers who shared compatible datasets. They are listed in the Coverage section.

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